Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 3 – Variables

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50 Responses

  1. Rohan Bird says:

    For somebody who is new to Javascript do not pay attention to this.. learn the fundamentals, this is more confusing than helpful.

  2. I just started watching these videos and I can tell that this guy loves ham

  3. thanks. can i writ var x = "john"; ?

  4. OUTSS1 says:

    this is so useful for a beginner man. And very rewarding 🙂 thanks.

  5. _Herobrine _ says:

    sub to me plpease

  6. Bruh says:

    play at 2 times speed and learn 2 times faster :D.

  7. Swadhikar C says:

    I don't know why but I'm certainly love your way of teaching. It's simple yet bring deeper understanding. God bless

  8. Sumit Gupta says:

    hey Bucky, u can't change variable name at statement.So,both spells different.


  10. This instruction is riveting.

  11. tmjcbs says:

    I know the code at 0:47 is not meant to be perfect JS, but line 10 is somewhat confusing: without quotation marks ham is another variable, not a value. Without lines 11/12, line 10 gives an error message 'ham is not defined'.

  12. Jim Williams says:

    Did you notice that the number changed from 23 to 32 while you were talking?

  13. super great presentation

  14. omar al-tal says:

    ham is haram please use cow meat

  15. mayabhupal says:

    This is really good your the best

  16. my variable = doesn't show on the browser ,

  17. Zhou says:


  18. Mr B says:

    now its working , it was an error.

  19. Mr B says:

    sir in my chrome browser var function is not working

  20. rather blow my head of with a shotgun than become a programmer

  21. Zul278 says:

    when I do the var stuff while having getElementByID, nothing is showing up on the chrome? but when I remove the var, stuff I wrote shows up

  22. very well explained, what a variable is. thnx

  23. Malick Cisse says:

    I am guessing you can use number for a var name if you start it with an underscore. Like this, var _404 = "Zip Code";

  24. Ajay Jain says:

    document.write is not working in my google chrome…??

  25. man u are the best teacher thanks alot and again ……………

  26. Jacob Dwyer says:

    can so use dollar signs

  27. D.C Siona says:

    For some unknown reason my javascript code is not working/running in the browser. I am making a simple quoting generator with html & javascript, but it wont run in the browser. Can you please help me?

  28. Tran Huynh says:

    I using a new(er) version of NotePad++, and if I type in what he did and did exactly that, it shows up as "var x = 32; document.write (x)" like that's exactly how it shows up. Maybe because the newer versions have a different way of doing it? I don't know. If anyone could help me with that, I'd appreciate that very much. Thnx!

  29. A Seagull says:

    If you know Java/C++/C#/C or Python then tutorial 3 to 16 is total easy for you.

  30. Flore Loriz says:

    Actually it is possible to use dollar sign for variables. for example the following code worked just fine for me:

    var $number = 30;

  31. Danke Bucky ???✌️???

  32. Anima says:

    i dont hear any sound in all videos please help me …

  33. But a variable name can CONTAIN a number… just cant START with one

  34. bilal jamil says:

    keep up the good work… bucky….. extraordinary teaching skills u have ….

  35. bro when we type var x=32; document.write(z); output should be z why it is empty

  36. S L says:

    it's kind of funny to see the first few tutorials gets lots of views then the views just stop dropping, like college dropouts haha

  37. itsEthan says:

    yey like lua <3

  38. Diogo Lima says:

    at 6:00 u forget to change document.write(bucky) to document.write(6bucky) to prove you were telling the true. but i test it my self XD

  39. UsernameHere says:

    you forgot to mention that you can't use key words as variables like var

  40. BlueVenom says:

    LOL! Say "Uppercase X" very fast!

  41. YN CUBER says:

    Don't make us hungry

  42. Thank you very much! was stuck here for days… U the real MVP man.

  43. J Panda says:

    This video made me hungry from the start…. HAAAMM…. ROAST PIIIIGGG

  44. Very useful information thank you God bless you!

  45. Ariunsanaa says:


    The above code is working and printing 15.
    So do i have to write "var"?

  46. belcan65 says:

    good tutorials, bucky. Just wanted to mention (though someone possibly done already) that dollar sign – $ actually can be used in variables names.