Beginner PHP Tutorial – 7 – The php.ini File

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50 Responses

  1. who else is roaming in the comment section…XD

  2. I can't find php. Ini the files i have were php. ini-development and php. ini-production

  3. Syntax World says:

    How can i make my dashboard

  4. lr says:

    What about for those who don't use a localhost, but a webhost, where would a php.ini file be located?

  5. Loganusa100 says:

    YOu are one annoying fuck…. all I wanted was to see you change the darn .ini to upload a theme and you talk so much shit.. it seems as though you love hearing your dam self..

  6. we still have 193 remaining. videos

  7. rosjio99 says:

    To all you haters…..How did you feel after the last video??

  8. Open up my Sh!t.. I mean Xampp x'D

  9. Cajetan Goes says:

    Sir, i am having hard time in setting cookies my website. i wrote a simple code which according to my friends, should work just fine but its not working on my site. please advise if it has something to do with my php.ini file. below is my code..i restarted my browers, refreshed, tried on different browsers but it just aint working..
    if(!isset($_COOKIE[$cookie_name])) {
    $cookie_name = "mysiterandomuser";
    $cookie_value = "justanotheruser";
    setcookie($cookie_name, $cookie_value, time() + (86400 * 30), "/");
    echo $_COOKIE['cookie_name'];

  10. Tech Videos says:

    he only know to speak he do 0% work

  11. Dehvon C says:

    completely useless for people on LAMPs trying to learn PHP. you spend WAY to much time talking about XAMPP

  12. Philthy Phil says:

    7 tutorials in and we've written like one line of code… wtf?

  13. Levi Moore says:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() plz help 🙁

  14. WE WANT BUCKY…..!

  15. cant switch off apache……gives BUSY and Error -1

  16. T Prakash says:

    Add login.html into the Apache configuration file to enable direct redirection to the system…how can i do this?

  17. Ahmed Eid says:

    I don't understand why to change configurations .. O.o Am sorry but what importances of it ?

  18. hello guys. i cant find the php.ini file. and when i click on the file that says php with a configuration settings, it opens with notepad. i need help.

  19. Paulo Moniz says:

    In the latest version of XAMPP the php.ini file does not show the extension ".ini". You need to select the one that just says php and the Type is CONFIGURATION SETTINGS

  20. Drew Conroy says:

    Great video's. Keep up the great work! Thank you:)

  21. Why so much hate? You got these videos for free, You don't have to watch them, You can skip through them, You can watch them in a playlist so it's almost like one long video.. People are so mean these days and it's getting worse.. I like how it's splitted into many vids, because when I have some problem, there is a video for it – no need to search for particular 2min in 45min video. Also I like to know this "other" stuff before coding itself begins, so I am sure all is set up just fine and when there is a problem, I know where to search first. You don't? Well, it's faster and easier to click next video, than to dislike, hate and cry in comments.

  22. Ksery says:

    If you don't like the video don't watch it 🙂

    I watch all of Buckys and Alex's Tuts on 1.5x speed to make it a bit quicker anyways.

  23. Yash Parikh says:

    my php.ini file has much different stuffs than yours? Is there a problem?

  24. Baqir Khan says:

    I see why it took 200 tutorials !

  25. Can I change php.ini file when using free hosting?

  26. i'm using XAMPP on mac.
    How do u find the php.ini file? 
    i'm unable to find it.
    Can anyone help me?

  27. dumb people annoy me? voila

  28. …7 videos in and we still haven't learned a single thing about actual php coding…

  29. Carlos Sosa says:

    can php files work with .asp files? beacause  im trying to do a contact form and it seems like its not reading my process.php file.

  30. Electro says:

    in php 5.3+ there is a development and production version of the ini file you can find in the same folder

  31. hossam hazem says:

    is there a better PHP tutorials than this ? 

  32. Shakir Khan says:

    these things need to be discussed at the end of the series…

  33. Icey Junior says:

    i dont have php.ini file instead i have php.ini production  an development . my phpmyadmin is not working also . what should i do

  34. Hairy Haggis says:

    Apparently you need this php.ini file to allow session data to be stored on an online website.

    Does anybody know where exactly the file is supposed to go if it is not there already?

  35. Smolt says:

    one small thing = one video to u

  36. Smolt says:

    stop putting one subject in one video!
    to short!

  37. ISHRAQ KABIR says:

    Who the heck will read all that?


  39. i have installed xampp n i have create a folder in htdocs named as serious…n save my php files in serious folder in htdocs.. the problem is when i give localhost/serious it  automatically redireat to localhost/xampp… how can i see the file in the folder serious …..

  40. R.M says:

    if u got wamp installed, you can find this file at: wamp/bin/php5.3.13[depends on what version u got]/php.ini

  41. There is no better text editor, it's all down to personal preference and your needs. Some people love dreamweaver but I hate it. I mostly use sublime text unless I can't access my local server (like at college). In those situations N++ is good for automatic FTP to my actual web server.

  42. TheGuy says:

    i have wamp, should i open development or production php.ini file ?

  43. Paul says:

    Thing is it Sublime Text (2) costs 70 dollars. 🙁

  44. …Use Eclipse for JavaEE with an Aptana plugin… you will never use notepad++ again…

  45. Dream weaver is way better than all…

  46. ideaexpert says:

    But hey, Sublime Text is NOT FREE!!! Notepad++ FTW!

  47. Ssendi Sendi says:

    maybe it is only named as php, and you didn't enable extension to be visible…

  48. Mitkashinnn says:

    C:xamppphpphp.ini …..
    are you sure this is the path… bcz this is the default path…