C++ Tutorial for Beginners 1 – Installing CodeBlocks and Getting Started (For Absolute Beginners)

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50 Responses

  1. Helpful for beginners!! ?

  2. Haseeb Ahmad says:

    i have a error toolchain executables

  3. Is anybody else missing stddef.h ?

  4. Can u please tell me,whether we can use c++ language to code in Android studio

  5. XDivian says:

    L pi urdoo prakriti usper logo excesses se an Johnson ko otro

  6. Rahul Kumar says:

    hello sir can you help me

  7. Is this programing for microcontrollers?

  8. teki86able says:

    You made my start easy and clear, Thankyou!!!

  9. Hey dude. You forgot about compilers

  10. sir, I am using the g++ compiler and Atom text editor. Is there any problem.

  11. Hello sir! Thank you for this C++ program tutorial playlist. It's really helpful for someone like me a beginner. Keep up the good work and god bless you got my subscribe!

  12. CengDev says:

    hey why you didnt show how to use crystal report in Visual c++? haha

  13. Fell Man says:

    11:00 Progress Time Stamp

  14. Fell Man says:

    10:30 Progress Time Stamp

  15. Fell Man says:

    10:00 Progress Time Stamp

  16. Fell Man says:

    9:30 Progress Time Stamp

  17. Fell Man says:

    9:00 Progress Time Stamp

  18. Fell Man says:

    8:30 Progress Time Stamp

  19. Fell Man says:

    8:00 Progress Time Stamp

  20. Fell Man says:

    7:30 Progress Time Stamp

  21. Fell Man says:

    7:00 Progress Time Stamp

  22. Fell Man says:

    6:30 Progress Time Stamp

  23. Fell Man says:

    6:00 Progress Time Stamp.

  24. Fell Man says:

    5:30 Progress Time Stamp.

  25. Fell Man says:

    5:20 Progress Time Stamp.

  26. I've got a problem. 8:34 Whenever I create a new project, it will not show the 'Sources' folder for some reason for accessing the .cpp file. It will only simply just show the project name under 'Resources'. Please help, I can't find any solutions anywhere!

  27. Anil Chauhan says:

    sir could you give the reference or link where latest c++ / c content are available

  28. Anil Chauhan says:

    it is very helpful

  29. fuliaj says:

    I literally did everything he did and I got an error. "g++ Wall -fexceptions -g -c "/home/jesse/Documents/Coding Projects practice/test_prog/main.cpp" -o obj/Debug/main.o
    /bin/sh: g++: command not found
    Process terminated with status 127 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))
    0 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))"

  30. Komma says:

    When I click on run, it tells me this: "Target uses an invalid compiler; run aborted". Does anyone know why this happens to me? I've followed every step of this video

  31. Hlias X says:

    Speed at 1.5 and its still boring! But thanks its useful!

  32. can we write multiple main() function in the same project…??..because every time i have to make new project for new programs..

  33. Ankit says:

    Very good sir …Keep uploading Linux tutorial !!!

  34. luis g says:


  35. MRR THUN MG says:

    hellow teacher !!! how to learn programming well!!!!

  36. alem belko says:

    this is very helpful video, but can you write this all code from all tutorials in visual studio 2015,i tried tut no.43 but for other ones i dont know will it work

  37. Matrix says:

    hello ProgrammingKnowledge I think you can help me,I have a program, that only opens with an external txt file,I want to add the text file within the project, program, so is complete, and no one can not read what is inside all text files, like a dll ,or resurses , thanks

  38. Thankyou Very Much!

  39. Thank You very much ! Helped me a lot !

  40. why i cant build the progg? it said that there's 1 error..I've follow every step

  41. Kevin Arno says:

    thx dude helped me alot 😀

  42. Fell Man says:

    It says I have a build error.