Find Static Pointers With Cheat Engine ! | C++ Game Hacking Tutorial Part 3

This video explains how to find static addresses or static pointers in memory with the cheat engine.
These methods can be used to manipulate values ​​in the game such as health, life, position, etc.

Music used: Pop Cap Game Zuma Deluxe – In Game Music Suite

Download Cheat Engine here:

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10 Responses

  1. Sebastian W. says:

    What if there is no pointer left after the first rescan?

  2. Slimig says:

    So just a question. Would it be possible to read out the token from discord and get a static address for that? I tried it with String but the Rescant brought 0 Pointer paths.

  3. TeoMessiKing says:

    There's no statics left after i rescanned?

  4. this is the only video i could find that explains pointers well. you earned yourself a sub.

  5. Jesus Magas says:

    Casual game thank you man I really appreciate it

  6. bla bla…. need for hitman 2 (2018) infinity items and nothig work

  7. Billy Gough says:

    when i restart the game the static pointer address changes however i can still change my in-game xp, i'm trying to make a trainer but cant with a changing address

  8. sinaples says:

    Thanks man I just subbed you actually help people out with hacking

  9. Lukelele says:

    Nice tutorial, just the series i need rn