MATLAB Function Plotting Basics

Screencast on the Basics of Plotting One-Variable (Two-Dimensional) Functions in MATLAB. Discusses the philosophy of how MATLAB creates graphics, the PLOT function, the potential pitfalls when creating graphics, and the HOLD ON / HOLD OFF and FIGURE commands.

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50 Responses

  1. lauren kim says:

    New to Matlab and every tutorial has pretty much been too confusing except yours. Also I really appreciate the purposeful errors. Btwy our voice sounds like Memphis from Happy Feet, thats the dad of mumble lol

  2. Brandon Phan says:

    This is amazing, thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for the video! Whenever I try and plot a loglog plot in a for loop, it only returns a figure with linear axes. Any idea why?

  4. Thank you it was very helpful

  5. BULLAKI says:

    Great stuff. Easy plot and linear fit in 60s:

  6. flot flot flffffffflot

  7. Pramod Kumar says:

    easy to understand and beautifully explained thank you very much, sir 🙂

  8. awsome thaaaaank you 😀

  9. Krishna Das says:

    hey, can you please do more complex equations? Please?

  10. chike okwo says:

    I can't thank you enough

  11. Alex Michael says:

    Beautifully explained sir 🙂

  12. thank you so much, I was able to get homework done cause of you !

  13. Easy to understand.. Thanks!

  14. Thank you very much

  15. Mooni S says:

    Thank you so much.

  16. 신비 says:

    I like to draw a flower using oval and circle functions

  17. Aman Dhakal says:


  18. thank you very much , this tutorial is very useful again, thank you.

  19. zephyr says:

    Great video. Super clear and helpful.

  20. how would you plot a piecewise function in Matlab?

  21. thank you very much very nice video

  22. thank you!!! I forgot how to get multiple figures.

  23. greatsea says:

    how to get rid of asymptotes? e.g. 1/x. I just want the curve where x is defined to show, not the asymptote

  24. SamsulAlom25 says:

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  25. This was an awesome video. Doing simple things like purposely doing something wrong the first time to emphasize a common mistake students make is a fantastic way to teach. Congrats on being a great professor!

  26. ChrissMeliss says:

    This really helped me a lot. You're great at explaining, I found it very clear and concise! Thank you!!!

  27. Ahmed N says:

    Very helpful video, thanks alot!!

  28. Very, VERY helpful! Thank you.

  29. Bosco Khoo says:

    how do you input the function (x+2)^2 * (x^3+1) in MATLAB? i kept getting error

  30. awesome…thanx,u really gud at explaining

  31. Oh my god thank you so much!

  32. Is that photo on your desktop taken in Istanbul?

  33. Ahmed Akad says:

    thank you very much , sir

  34. Aditya C says:

    wonderfully done. Thanks

  35. Ricki Alex says:

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  37. bunc11 says:

    u saved my day… thx 🙂

  38. Mohd Sa says:

    How to shade the region between y=sinx and y=x^2. What command do you use? Is the command will work for three or four functions?
    Thank you so much

  39. plz help!
    i difined an own function of the variables x,y,z.
    so now i want to plot the whole thing with fixed values for y and z and over x, wich is supposed to be a vector.
    so i created the vector r=0:0.01:1
    and tried: plot(f(r.,2,3)), but it doesnt do the trick. how do i get my own fuction to swallow a vector for x?

  40. Boobarella says:

    Very sexy Robby, thank you

  41. ProTawN says:

    Thank you, very useful!

  42. maxanderkun says:

    Excellent video. Thanks a lot!

  43. Thank you soo much… Most of the stuff I saw only worked on 2013a. This really helped me.

  44. Mirza Dedić says:

    you, sir, saved my life, again 🙂