My Final 1-Day PowerShell v2 Workshop

It's a one-day PowerShell workshop starting in spring 2012, and probably the last all-v2 workshop I'm going to do. In fact, this was partially done in v3 (until my virtual machine "expires") and I report a small number of improvements and v3 features. This is a live recording; you will hear questions from the class (which I have tried to repeat) and so on.

It's a great way to get an idea of ​​my training style. Then, go to my full PowerShell video library or information about my private on-site PowerShell course offerings. Obviously, as a non-practical one-day session, this example is a little more stuffed than a full course of 3 to 5 days!

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50 Responses

  1. defialpro says:

    "Who said ls?" "This isn't that class." LMAO. You have quite a sense of humor Don.

  2. Doug Kirk says:

    Absolutely breaks it down great. Don also goes over a lot of gotchas that I have run into in my early exploration. Great delivery style as well.

  3. Brak says:

    Why cant companies just switch to linux something i actually know lol now i gotta sit here and watch a 4 hour video because people are to dumb to realize linux is love linux is life

  4. Jon April says:

    I have always tried to steer clear from Windows. However now I have a requirement for PS and this video is providing an excellent jump-start. Also, I will no longer steer clear from Windows. Thank you for providing this video!

  5. f G G v says:

    Bookmarked this in my browser as Narcotic. This guy must has taken A LOT. Good stuff, Cheers.

  6. Laphroaig16 says:

    I am new to PowerShell and have watched quite a lot of YouTube vids but this one is the BEST by far and I have only watched up to 1h10.

  7. I'm just starting out in my career. Right now I am part of a group that helps manage computer leases within our company. Part of my job is to migrate data from a clients old PC to their new PC. I map printers, mapped drives, install programs, do some troubleshooting if problems arise. I don't do work in windows server, and I am not an "administrator" by any stretch of the imagination. Would it be beneficial for me to learn PowerShell right now, or should I wait until I am in more of an admin role?

    I do some basic scripting such as making net use batch files to map a list of drives. I also have access to pre made script files that will do things like mop up files that may have changed in the last X number of days. There are parts of my job that seem tedious. For example, the imaging process will bring over printer icons, but they don't work and usually need to be remapped. If a client has more than a dozen printers this is a huge pain to manually remove each one and manually remap each one. Sometimes there are missing files, which ones are missing? It's a HUGE waste of time to try and hunt down missing directories or files. I sometimes wonder if PowerShell could help me with these tasks, and if it would be worth diving into right now, even in a non administrative job.

  8. Joe JG says:

    his typing is annoying. no need to punch the keys like that and the audio is poor

  9. I think this could be useful and I appreciate your posting, but your mike modulation is horrible. If I put it loud enough to hear you, the next minute you are breaking my eardrums. If I set it low enough to not wake my neighbors, the next minute I have to turn it way up to hear you. I am sure there is a way to set the volume so that it is consistent in your video. Thanks,

  10. Jaime Chase says:

    Don many thanks.  Subscribing.  You're an awesome teacher.  

  11. Ken Meyer says:

    Don is one of the best teachers I have ever met(on video). Awesome.

  12. CMD and Powershell Suck compared to Cmder. Cmder has complete access to CMD and Powershell. It supports transparancy, multiple tabs in one window, almost 50 configurable shortcuts, access to Git, and my personal favorite is the "Quake Style" dropdown option with the hotkey Ctrl+Space. It's the best console manager ever and its free with no ads whatsoever. Also, if you're a fan of apt-get on linux (Command Line Package Installer) Lookup "Chocolatey" they also have a GUI you can install using "choco install chocolateygui" and it works seamlessly with Cmder.

  13. Shiva Shiva says:

    Thanks for sharing

  14. nice video. A little ironic though. The bulk AD administration is one of the most clichéd example of the usefuleness of powershell.

    1. That was possible years before powershell.  It was called addusers.exe and supported bulk creation from a csv file.
    2. Googling bulk creation made me stumble on a GUI utility called adbulkadmin. Apparently you don't NEED CLI to do automation.

  15. I can confirm it deserves the time indeed. Here's a fun extract from the vid. There are many of these but I've just had the laugh of the day with this one.

    Anybody with some Unix experience? … You probably know this one though.
    Unix does use a help command, the command is what? man
    PS > man gsv
    Powershell will work with that. I don't like it because it is a little gender biased. And in today's world we need to be sensitive to this things.
    But Powershell actually makes up for that because I could have also run Get-Alias
    PS > get-alias gsv
    and that would have shown me that it's an alias for Get-Service, and it has an alias called gal
    PS > gal gsv
    And that balances things. So now it's good.

  16. I've just spent half an hour of video and am already very impressed with this. It's very easy, useful and even fun. It starts from the most basic for beginners, and although I had worked with PS before I must admit I have learned a lot, specially good habits and useful tricks. I don't know what else is to come, but I'm sure it will deserve the time

    You are really good at explaining complex things in a way that they don't seem difficult anymore. I can only recommend this to everyone interested in learning Powershell.  Thank you very much for your awesome work, you really deserve the MVP.

  17. nacixem9 says:

    This is an awesome video.  I learned way more than I ever thought I would.  Great teaching style.  ignore the bad audio comment.  The 4 hours is worth it.

  18. FareAlert says:

    Bigtime kudos for teaching me how to really RTFM!  I've always tried but being written by devs for devs has always created a learning curve akin to a cliff.

  19. Bryan S says:

    8.1 has v 4.0, I hope this is all applicable, so far so good.

  20. Matthieu G says:

    That was awesome. Everytime I had a question coming in my mind, you were coming to it ! This video covered like 85% of what I wanted to know deeper about PowerShell. Thank you !!!

  21. Just 2 cents.
    In case you want to specify password via cli, you can try this:
    ————————— Start —————————-
    $Creds = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList 'test' , $(  ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'Password' -AsPlainText -Force )
    ————————— End —————————-

  22. Adam Lynch says:

    I'm an Exchange Admin for a large corporation. This video is one of the best no-nonsense PS tutorials I've seen yet. I've learned more watching this video than 2 yrs of reading PS training books and trawling internet forums. Thank you.

  23. This video has some of the worst audio of any video presentation I have ever heard, just awful.

  24. love DoneJ books ,very good explained..  very nicely and simply teaching,  his voice and the way he explain , his blog  and etc..
    he is Genius!!!!
    Thank you Done, you r awesome!

  25. xDarkwolfx says:

    at 2:22:08 i can't do cd WSMan:localhostClient mying dose not exist

  26. xDarkwolfx says:

    at 1:52:01 what if WSMan:localhostService say does not exist my WSMan:localhost exist but the rest doesn't

  27. xDarkwolfx says:

    What if you get a error after you did Enable-PSRemoteing

  28. xDarkwolfx says:

    My version 2.0 powershell will not let me use that command to make error foregroundcolor green why

  29. Mr Sapling says:

    This is Fantastic, thank you.

  30. Mike Munro says:

    Why do Americans think we say aboot? I have never heard anyone in Canada say this. lol Still awesome video, I am learning tons.

  31. excellent tutorial, funny your using a MAC for a windows presentation.

  32. yesenia0305 says:

    You haven't even taught anything yet (im 4 minutes into the video) and I subscribed.

    I can tell by your style in 4 minutes Ill like learning from you.

  33. jayodoom says:

    Well done misunderstanding what he says and making a tit of yourself in the process.

  34. Me Is Me says:

    Thanks a lot for this video 🙂

  35. Pat Aslin says:

    Great introduction to powershell.

  36. Steve Yuroff says:

    Good content, but sure wish he had a lapel mic. The wildly varying audio levels are frustrating.

  37. Don, can you please post your entire power shell training series? I would really appreciate that.

  38. Thanks for sharing…Excellent Presentation.

  39. Garegin says:

    oh boy. I like this guy but he sounds like an ignorant Unixtard. The GUI is NOT A WRAPPER over powershell commands. what he is talking about is CLI scrapping and is only used by retarded Linux programmers who are too amateurish to write APIs. both powershell and GUI tasks are done through a common API. The GUI is not "running powershell commands in the background" like he suggests. Even Unix didn't do that in 1970s!

  40. Garegin says:

    and is often less efficient than a even when the person is a guru and doesn't need to spend reading man pages for 400 years.
    consider printing a document and choosing some options from the menu. in a CLI, the command would be a tangled mess of switches that would take ages to type in. whereas on the GUI its fast clicking on tabs and checkboxes. done.
    the root of the problem of CLI fanboys is the machismo and elitism from the difficulty, not any objective metric of efficiency or productivity.

  41. Don you are the man. Enjoyed seeing you at TechEd 2013. Thanks for this video!!

  42. Thanks A ton Don for the Great Tutorial.

  43. Laughin9M4N says:

    He said don't take notes it is being recorded

  44. Payl0ad says:

    i wish I had started taking notes before 3 hours into the tut… is there a good follow up book that i can supplement with this?

  45. Payl0ad says:

    omfg man… best powershell tut EVER!!!!

  46. Ioan190 says:

    to access a computer with remote control must run powershell commands in windows server for access computers from active directory? Can a computer to access other computer who is not in active directory. Sorry my english sucks but i hope to understand.