Object Oriented Programming Concepts

11:40 – Objects
13h30 – Class
17:00 – Abstraction
9:40 pm – Encapsulation
27:20 – Interface
29:40 – Heritage
32:57 – Polymorphism

Series of programming concepts C (pointers, functions and DMA):

C ++ programming concepts series:

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  1. awesome loved it ….when a gamer explains programming ….lol polymorphism thanks

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    From where can we get other videos of yours

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    You ain't gay??? Yes dude, the exact opposite I thought when I started this video!

  4. #bbarters Thanks a lot sir for an interesting lecture. One of best lectures i have ever seen in Youtube space.

  5. What a grt way of teaching such simple explation! Grt work sir?

  6. neha khan says:

    U r a master..what a explanation…i loved it….

  7. sir i learn lot.awesome your teaching tnx alot.

  8. Blue Moon says:

    It has been really useful and the way of explaining is great. it is easy to understand, the concepts which i am trying to learn for a long time have been understood thank you!

  9. thank you sir…. lots of respect

  10. Wow….awesome way of teaching

  11. Khaja Khan says:

    plzz say clearly sir your voice is too resound

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    Such a nice video,I have not seen this type of video before

  13. very differently explain……….I like it

  14. Ayyappan N says:

    A great presentation

  15. Ayyappan N says:

    Polymorphism is somewhat near to multiple personality disorder. The ability to take more than one form.

  16. Ayyappan N says:

    Abstraction somewhat near to muscle memory.

  17. sanjai vijai says:

    That was very helpful thank you sir.

  18. bharat gupta says:

    simply amazing…great explanation..subscribed 🙂

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    THanks a a lot sir.

  20. Goutam Reddy says:

    you saved my time… i have regrets ….
    why i haven't seen this two year ago ..

  21. BK 19 says:

    OMG! I had headache about all this thing, but u make it really easy to understand all that concept!

  22. Wowww!!! Nice explanations! …..Really Awesome…

  23. What is the difference between function and object??

  24. Sir pls upload the next video

  25. It seriously was amazing and cleared almost all of my concepts…….thanks to you a ton for taking such an effort to make this amazing well explanatory video…….waiting further for the next videos…….looking forward to the same quality of amazing explanation!!!!

  26. SWATI GOYAL says:

    This is my first comment…
    I can't stop myself after seeing this video….
    Sir…best video ever I see…

  27. Superb sir… thank u very much… after watching this video no need to watch any other video to clear all basic concepts of oops

  28. Hi sir thanks for explaining this topic your explanation is very good and understanding is easy way of thinking of topic….

  29. Your method of teaching urges Me to comment and subscribe your channel….nice video.. It helps me a lot.. I am a bscs student..

  30. Paul M says:

    Wow incredible clarity and spot on analogies used for a complicated topic. Bravo.

  31. STATUS king says:

    Best video best explanation !!!!

  32. STATUS king says:

    Vai best said ; 1100 00 1100 – i am not gay ????????

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    LOL that line though ????
    I had to confirm, did he really say what I thought he said ??

  34. Best video…Really it is awesome..Now I understood the oops concept

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    great tutorial….examples are awesome…continue ur good work

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    Kudos to your skill. You made the concept very simple and logical…

  37. Nice explanation..

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    Thanks air for this purposeful video…i appreciate the way of you .

  39. The best video… On OOP. Thumbs up to you sir. Thanks

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    awesome video…..good humour also with awesome energy…entertaining..

  41. the video was quite good……really liked it!!!!

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    Please take general real time like animal human. Don't take any examples of game tennis that people don't know

  43. In 11:30 Seconds? That was such a lucid way of introducing. Cheers man!

  44. Love this video. Well explained. Very informative. Thanks!